Internationale overnamekandidaten

International acquisition candidates


The search for the ideal acquisition candidate is often an important part of the acquisition process, both when selling and buying a business or company. After all, from the seller’s perspective it is often the party that can achieve the most strategic benefit from the acquisition that is willing to pay the highest price for the business. The Netherlands is a popular investment country and many foreign companies specifically also consider Dutch companies in their ‘buy and build’ strategy. Foreign private equity parties are also specifically active in the Dutch market.

Conversely, an acquisition strategy is also used when a Dutch company wishes to establish activities abroad. The acquisition of a locally-established foreign party is, after all, an excellent way of gaining a foothold rapidly in a foreign market and for achieving compliance with local legislation.

International acquisition targets

An important condition for this is that suitable international potential buyers (in the case of a sale) or international acquisition targets (in the case of a purchase) are found. There is also increasing international ‘branching’ in the SME sector: we have seen that in the (financial) transaction practice that almost half of the transactions we have assisted with in the SME sector in recent years have had a cross-borders character.

International network

We can provide an effective international search on behalf of our clients on the basis of our existing contacts within our international network and on the basis of the sources of information available to us. In addition, we have recently invested in the Orbis / Zephyr database, which contains details such as the financial figures, owner information and acquisition history of companies worldwide. This means we are even better equipped for undertaking an international search.

This same level of support of course also applies for acquisitions within the Netherlands!

If you would like more information about the possibilities for finding a suitable acquisition candidate, whether nationally or internationally, then please contact Christian van der Heijden or one of our other Corporate Finance consultants.